Appointments usually take about half an hour for a standard tax return. If you have a more complex tax return, it may take longer. When you book your appointment, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how long it will take. To book, call 33777337 or email

It usually takes about 14 days for the ATO to issue your refund, however in rare cases, the ATO can take up to 30 days to process your return.

The due date for lodging tax returns is October 31. However, we’re able to help our clients apply for an extension if necessary.

If you receive a bill from the ATO, you will be able to pay it via post or online. In the event that you don’t have the necessary funds to pay the ATO, we can help you arrange a payment plan with the ATO.

You should take action as soon as possible to lodge your outstanding tax returns to avoid penalties from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Once the ATO takes action to have you lodge these returns, it could result in a court conviction. The ATO may charge a penalty of $170 for every 28 days that the return is outstanding. The maximum penalty is $850 even if you are due a refund. H&D Accounting and Taxation Consulting can assist you with lodging your late prior year returns.

ATO guidelines stipulate that you should keep your receipts for 5 years. At H&D, we recommend storing digital copies of your receipts, as some receipts are prone to fading over the years, even when stored correctly.

In this case, we can help you to lodge an amendment of your tax return. Any changes applied will have to made within 2 years of the return. However, if there are extenuating circumstances it may be possible to apply for an extension.

While it is not a requirement to keep a logbook, it is the easiest and most reliable way to show how you have calculated the work-related use of your vehicle. It is ideal that you keep a general logbook that includes distance (km) and associated receipts (fuel, vehicle registration, maintenance or repair receipts). Furthermore, you should bear in mind that if you decide to use the cents per km method to calculate your car expenses, you will only be able to claim a maximum of 5000 business km per car, and you will still need to keep receipts and a diary of your work travel.

Your tax return can be completed using a PAYG Payment Summary, a letter from your employer with details of the PAYG Payment Summary, or by reviewing your payment slips from that period. If you haven’t directly received a PAYG Payment summary, your tax consultant may be able to access it via the ATO portal. If you are unable to obtain payment summary details from your employer, a Statutory Declaration will need to be completed.

Any earnings that have had tax withheld need to be reported on your tax return, even if your income for the year is below the tax-free threshold. This is also the only way for you to get a tax refund.

We accept Eftpos, AMEX, Mastercard and Visa. Please note that we do not accept cash payments.